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Robert Szaniszló

Robert Szaniszló as a freelance photographer based in Hungary.

He began photography in the early of 2006. First, he shooted photos to the local magazines.

His life is sport and interested in various sports, like triathlon, running, tennis, skateboarding, etc., that’s why few years later he moved to sports photography.

Since 2008 he has started cover the Roland Garros at Paris, one of the biggest tennis Grand Slam event.

Next to this project he covers the biggest fashion shows and works with fashion designers, like Tamas Naray, ByMe, etc. in Hungary and abroad too.

On 2013 his interest turned to Formula One and started covering the fastest car race in the world with his own creative style.

He has several requests from other world famous events and collaborates with big agencies, companies, newspapers and magazines.

He takes his photos with colourful, artistic style and full of passion.


Getty Images, NurPhoto, Focus Press Agency, Deutsche Welle, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Microsoft Bing, Forbes, CNBC, Liberty Global, Yahoo, Axel Springer SE, CNN Digital, Finacial Times, Nemzeti Sport, HVG, Népszava, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Maxima, etc.


Canon, Canon Hungary, Camera Kft., Manfrotto Hungary, Plastiroute Vác Kft.,


MSÚSZ – Hungarian Press of Sports Journalist

AIPS – International Sports Press Association


since 2008 – His photograps are selected as the „Photo of the Year” in Hungary

2013 – 3rd place - „Award of Excellence” by the Hungarian Press of Sports Journalist (MSÚSZ)

2015 – 1st place - Award for my achievements in photography by Hungarian Local Goverment

2017 – 1st place - „Award of Excellence” by the Hungarian Press of Sports Journalist (MSÚSZ)

2019 – 2nd & 3rd place - „Hungarian Photo of the Year” by the (MAFOSZ)

                        – 3rd place - „Award of Home organized world event” by the (TF & Ferenc Németh prize)

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